Dance at Shir Shalom

In January of 2019, Yoh students and Woodstock area community members had the opportunity to participate together in a dance intensive with Bethany Formica. Participants learned the piece “Le Super Grand Continental.” A description of the pieces reads, “A joyously big line dance extravaganza by Montreal-based choreographer Sylvain Émard, Le Super Grand Continental ® wowed audiences during its run at the 2018 Fringe Festival and has garnered enthusiastic response across the world — from New York to Mexico City to Wellington, New Zealand. Fully realizing a blissful marriage between the pure delight of line dancing and the fluidity and expressiveness of contemporary dance, the celebratory event enlists hundreds of local people to perform its synchronized choreography in large-scale public performances.”

Rehearsals took place at Shir Shalom Vermont, the Woodstock Area Jewish Community, and culminated in a performance in the same space, open to all community members in the same way as any Yoh Theatre production.

The workshop was a great opportunity for students of all levels of dance experience to connect with each other and with other community members, and to learn about a new space outside of the Woodstock Union High School facilities.

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