“Last weekend at WUHS the Yoh Theatre Players presented ‘Bakkhai’ by Euripides, and remastered by poet and classicist Anne Carson. The Yoh performers will take this production the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, and all proceeds from last weekend’s show went toward that trip. 1. Cerri Wimett is at left, with Emily Dean in front, with Giana Fiori and Laura Warren. 2. Ted Krawczyk, far left, as Dionysos. 3. Toby Borzekowsky, as Pentheus, who is about to go and spy on the followers of Dionysos while dressed as a woman. 4. Alivia Salls, as Agave, mother of Pentheus, who she just killed while under the spell of Dionysos. 5. Finn Powers is shown in the role of Teiresias, a family friend giving advice. 6. Stephen Scherer as the Herdsman. 7. Dionysos (Krawczyk) during an emotional moment.”