“This past weekend the Yoh Theatre Players opened their 2018-2019 season with a performance of Sarah Ruhl’s remake of the Greek tragedy ‘Eurydice.’ The three-movement play was performed without an intermission and ran about eighty minutes. 1. Eurydice (Nina Borzekowski) returns to the underworld to find her father dead. 2. Eurydice and Orpheus (Finn Powers) declare their love and decide to marry and ‘tie the knot.’ 3. ‘Interesting Man’ (Hartley Coates) declares his love for Eurydice. 4. Orpheus and Eurydice at their wedding. 5. When Orpheus makes his way to the underworld to find Eurydice, Eurydice decides to leave her father (Ted Krawczyk), while the ‘Stones’ watch Little Stone (Julia Kowalski), Loud Stone (Allison Bradley) and Big Stone (Eve Cole). 6. Orpheus tries to get Eurydice to follow him back above ground.”